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Notes From a 31-day Month
May 25, 2009, 12:01 am
Filed under: living

(These things are all true)

  • While I was in New York earlier this month, I unwittingly attempted to condition my hair with hand lotion. My mother had allowed me to peruse a bag of hotel toiletries that she has collected over the years to grab some shampoo and conditioner that wouldn’t take up too much space. I managed to choose a bottle of shampoo (so far so good) and a bottle of hand cream. I didn’t realise this until the middle of my second day in New York, when I realised that my hair felt unusually… something. I’m not sure that a word has yet been invented to describe the feeling of washing your hair with hand cream. 
  • It took me three separate tries to cut the lawn with the battery-powered push mower here where I am housesitting (yes, again). This is because the mower ran out of batteries after about 6 rows, the first two times. Then it rained. The lawn is currently three different lengths, and I am plugging the mower in overnight tonight.
  • You can actually make brownies with cheesecake on top. Not cheesecake with brownies on top, no. Brownies, regular brownies, with regular cheesecake on top. Can you hear my arteries? They’re whispering to you.
  • Victoria has put on its summer sky. No clouds, none. Just blue, blue, blue. This makes for some odd sunsets, to a prairie mind. The sun just disappears and fades progressively from blue to black.
  • John Darnielle on working in a grain elevator:  “That’s 12 hours a day of back-breaking work not meant for liberal arts majors!” …Or maybe it’s what liberal arts majors need to get them on track?
  • I used to see the search for housing as an adventure. Now I see it more like pulling the pin on the grenade; you never know what kind of roommate you’re going to get or how things are going to explode. I am currently deciding how much my sanity is worth, in dollars, while looking at the differences between shared accommodation and one-bedroom or bachelor suites. Why are the one-bedroom and bachelor suites so often horrible holes in old basements not fit for human habitation?
  • It is cold by the ocean at night.

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