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Water Music
July 12, 2009, 11:12 pm
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My mother emailed me this morning to tell me that she was going canoeing today, and that she was excited. This made me glad, and also heightened my anticipation of going home. The fall is a nice time to convince my parents to strap the canoe to the top of the van and head out to a body of water. After kayaking yesterday with Amanda and Kyle, the urge is that much stronger. But she ended the email by telling me that the lake–the slough, really–at the Wilderness Centre is no longer there. That it has dried up. I know that landscapes change, rivers dig themselves deeper, fields just blow away. But it seemed wrong to know that it’s gone, that I never paid it any mind and now it is gone.

Kayaking yesterday we paddled under three bridges, further up the Gorge, followed geese when we could and held still to be visited by dragonflies. I like to paddle as fast as I can for a minute or two and then enjoy the glide, the illusion that you aren’t moving because the wind is combing the ocean the other way. We had to turn around at the bridge that is part of Tillicum Road, when the water got too shallow and the weeds started to suck on our paddles. The water was the only bearable place to be in yesterday’s heat, the sun came off of the surface in a breeze, whereas the pavement reflected and amplified it, and sunbeams rose in wavy mirages and unfortunate city smells. A wind lifted off the ocean in the evening, though, bringing in a cloud cover and changing the colour of the air.

Today my shoulders groaned when I mopped the floor, put out by being asked to make themselves useful two days in a row.


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on the Disappearance of the wilderness centre lake – i heard some people sloughing off the drought, the other day. i felt like smacking them. farmers are selling their herds because they won’t have feed, crops are so poor. it isn’t a good year. to pray for snow this winter, and spring rains.

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