Thought Trafficking

November 14, 2009, 10:18 pm
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My hair is once again long enough to hitch it up with a pencil or chopstick or the like. I will take the small milestones given me.

Shortbread in the oven and 10,000+ plus words in a document in front of me. The light in November is something I have not seen in a long time – something I remembered without really thinking about it specifically. I hope that every place I live has this, or that I remember to find it. Maybe what I have been missing are windows.

This made me start thinking about other things, mostly Brussels things: the time we each bought a package of cookies at the Del Haize and ate them all. The orange plastic patio furniture visible out of the kitchen window. The feeling of door handles, the variations of all the different kinds of stairs in that apartment, the time a friend tumbled down the stairs so hard that they left hideous bruises all over her elbows. Lighting a gas oven. What the terrain looked like flying into Norway. Things like that. These are the kinds of things that you think about when you are regrouping.

Later, I will thing about the treacherous first cement step leading down to the patio at the hot-water flat, and how Pantouffle purred while he was eating. Somewhere else again, and later, I will think of the sunlight in November through the thin branches of the lilac bush, and how it made them seem translucent.


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