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May 13, 2013, 12:28 am
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It’s all the cha-Rage! (apologies)

We recently invented a new kind of party game with our landlords’ children, modeled on Charades. The rules are very much the same, except that the scenes/professions/feelings acted out have to be extremely conceptual, and/or so complicated as to be almost unguessable. For example, to act out “tree” is unacceptable. Suggestions for scenes include “Mermaid gazing at a kingdom,”  “Almighty God,” “Bactrian camel,” “Man on a rock looking at a lion.” Many of the suggestions of that particular game were inspired by religious imagery, but we suggest no particular theme.

I think it’s probable that most of us played a game of charades something like this as children, but why not make it official and try it again as adults? You get the fun of guessing without the pressure to be correct and, more than that, you get to witness the intense concentration it takes for one person to briefly inhabit these personas or situations. 

Party time!


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